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Scott Kuru
Founder & CEO
Freedom Property Investors

Scott Kuru is the Founder of Freedom Property Investors which has over 5,000 investors and 200+ professional staff.

Scott has personally used the strategies he reveals on the Masterclass to grow a portfolio of 17 properties in 7 years.

Scott is proud to have helped over 5,000 investors safely increase their wealth and move towards an early retirement.

Scott is a single father of 4 now adult children. It was his poor background which inspired his journey from broke to millionaire.

Lianna Pan
Founder & Director of Research
Freedom Property Investors

Despite her humble background, Lianna Pan has become Australia’s top property data analyst, and Founder of Freedom Property Investors.

Lianna is a qualified actuary, meaning a professional mathematician.

She turned her data skills to analysing the property market, and developed the most advanced prediction models ever developed in Australia.

Her models allowed her to identify the next boom suburbs and invest in them. And by the time she was 30 she built enough wealth to quit her job.

Today Lianna continues to identify Australia’s next boom suburbs which helps over 5,000 investors get a huge advantage in the market.

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Freedom Property Investors,

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