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  • The Government’s Immigration Forecast
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Included In The Report:

Lianna’s 5 Property Predictions

Graphs On Our Economic Performance

Data On The Current Housing Shortage

The Government’s Immigration Forecast

Government Spending & Money Printing

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Janet Whelan
Janet Whelan
Me and my husband are so thankful to Freedom for providing such great resources to help us plan for our children’s future. We are so blessed to choose freedom for our investment property. Big thanks to Tim Heggen for taking his time to explain everything in details for us to understand before making our decision. He has been very helpful and we are satisfied with his service.
Tau Taholo
Tau Taholo
My wife and I wanted to grow our property portfolio. Choosing Freedom with Tim Heggen as our property strategist who has been awesome from the very beginning. Properties recommended by Freedom are fully researched and backed up by appropriate data and analysis . Tim understands our requirements and works hard in background and suggests properties that meet our criteria. We would highly recommend Freedom to others as well.
Manraj Singh
Manraj Singh
My wife and I have just started our property investing journey with Freedom Property Investors. Our strategist Foukimoana Malu along with his team Trinda Lampard and Jade Lee have been very patient with us thus far and to say the least has made us feel at ease and comfortable throughout the process. Foukimoana possesses great knowledge of the property industry and combines his real life experiences together with detailed property data analytics backed by strong market research to ensure that he provides an in-depth analysis of each property for his clients for them to be able to make a sound investment decision. My wife and I were quite skeptical at the start and thought this would be another expensive route and wasn’t 100% sure about handing our financial reins to a property consultant, however our confidence grew day by day and I thank Foukimoana and his team for this. The initial step into the property market is always the hardest but with the guys at Freedom, you are to be sure to be guided in the right direction.
Shane Jasso-Rosello
Shane Jasso-Rosello
Freedom Property Investors are great to say the least. They have definitely done this before and are at the top of the game. I’ve had the pleasure of Tim Heggen and the team doing more than I expected to make my life and buying an investment property so easy. Safe to say that all my future property investments will be through Freedom. Thanks again.
Rubena Uelese
Rubena Uelese
So grateful for Freedom Property Investors. For a while i've had my eye on this company. But then came the time where we needed to act upon just what made sense. After watching ALOT of the short information clips by Scott Kuru, we signed up for the free master class and later joined. That made all the difference. Our experience has been nothing but educational and empowering for our current circumstances. We were connected with a FANTASTIC property strategist Foukimoana Malu that helped us to enter into our investment property journey. Foukimoana leaves no question unanswered. It is evident that he is very passionate about helping people with strategies upon entering the property market in a sustainable way that will benefit them. What I thought might be a daunting experience, has been nothing but exciting. We have just secured our first property. We couldn't recommend FPI more. Thank you Lianna Pan and Scott Kuru!
Cephus Nebo
Cephus Nebo
I was skeptical to signup when I came across the Freedom Property Investors ad on YouTube but I did and it is great to say I didn’t regret. I am blessed to have been allocated property strategist Foukimoana Malu who has been working diligently to guide me in the process of securing my first property with Freedom. Whenever I called on him he answered and helped with solutions or clarity to my questions. Diana Albu and Phillip Keyte-Berndt thanks for going above and beyond to educate and guide me in the process. You took your time to research and select the best rates in the market and help with that application, thanks for the professionalism. The 3 of you are indeed professionals and great people, thank you once again! Thank you, everyone at freedom, you assured me from the beginning and here we are today. First property done, Thank you!
Lindsay Fan
Lindsay Fan
My whole experience with Freedom Property Investors has been fantastic. These people talk with real life data, and they have great teams of Membership Specialists, Property Strategists, Brokers and Solicitors. Our membership specialist John Staggs and Property Strategist Rhett Ngawaka are brilliant, they are experienced and knowledgeable, and super approachable. My husband was full of questions and suspicion in the beginning, but after the first session with them, he was fully convinced. Everything they talk about is backed with data and evidence. The process was smooth, they have all the data analysts and researchers who do the job for us so save us time to so research ourselves. They also guarantee rental income for investment properties and cover solicitor fees. These people deserve full 5 stars. We highly recommend them
Vinioleti-Valu Payne
Vinioleti-Valu Payne
Thank you Nelson Oillataguerre for your amazing service, great advice and a working relationship built on trust and achieving dreams all around. Looking forward for the next steps. Very lucky to have you 👍👍❤️ as our property Strategist. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Freedom Property Investors, Level 12, 201 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, AU, 1300 766 791

Freedom Property Investors,

Level 12, 201 Kent Street, Sydney 2000, AU

1300 766 791